Take a plunge into nature

We have located the Cape of Dreams in the surrounding of wild nature. Our area is mainly fields, trees and the beach. Aleja Lipowa adjacent to our houses allows for undisturbed relaxation during a walk.

Rest actively

We know that apart from sweet laziness, you also like to spend your time actively. Cape of Dreams is located 300 m from the Velo Baltica route. It is part of the EuroVelo 10 tourist route that runs around the Baltic Sea. It leads mainly through bicycle paths, roads with little traffic, and forest sections. You can go by bike to the lighthouse in Kołobrzeg or to the center of Mielno. It is only 18 km with brilliant views. A 900 m distance separates us from the estuary of the Czerwona River.

What are we going to eat ?

The closest town (4 km) is the atmospheric Ustronie Morskie. There you will find great restaurants, pubs and cafes where you can eat fresh fish, seasonal vegetables and fruits. The restaurants also serve vegetarian and vegan dishes.

What if the beach?

Cape of Dreams is located on the trail of one of the most beautiful Polish beaches. The closest entrance to the wild beach is 400 m from us. Another, picturesque entrance at the Czerwona Rzeka 900 m from the Cape, and just a little further there are beautiful beaches in Ustronie Morskie, Sianożęty and Pleśna. The water in this region is one of the cleanest on the Polish coast, the beaches are mostly sandy and well-kept.

Peace and quiet, open space and spectacular views will plan your holidays for the next year.